Music Education

Breathe, Believe, Receive

We have specially designed curricula for those who would like to learn the fundamentals of Carnatic Music. 

Carnatic Music is one of the two types of classical music from India. The Carnatic style of music is more sung and performed in southern India.

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Who can learn?


         This course is designed by keeping in mind that anyone who would like to learn Carnatic Classical music should find it easy with the help of a basic set of lessons.

         Even if you are a person who is already learning Carnatic and would love to strengthen the basic lessons, you can go for it.

        If you are already into learning some style of music and would love to explore Carnatic music fundamentals, you can definitely get what you need in this course. 

For more details, check our course page/drop a message to team@tejassu.com 🙂